Durasov House

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Durasov House

HSE University has a vast geography of locations throughout Moscow, and almost all of them are buildings with a rich history.

HSE works to restore and preserve this architectural heritage and to promote the buildings' cultural and historical value.

A historical highlight of the new campus at 11 Pokrovsky Boulevard is the Classicism-style building of Durasov House, formerly the nobleman Nikolay Durasov's estate built in the late 18th century.

Today, it serves as an administrative building of HSE University, and we value it not only as an architectural monument that has survived many eras, changing several roles throughout years, but also home to diverse research activities involving students, faculty, graduates, and other people. This website provides an interactive AR guide of Durasov House created as part of a student project.

By participating in this project, students are not only making a meaningful contribution to HSE University and the city of Moscow but are also building their portfolio and advancing their future career.

Portal to Durasov House

tells the story of the building, its different roles over the years, and its former owners. Although access to the estate's interiors is normally restricted, this comprehensive collection of materials takes you on a virtual tour.

Epochs of Durasov House:

from an ancient noble estate to a modern university


Durasov Family History

a minor branch of the French royal dynasty



and first pineapples


History of the Durasov Coat of Arms

The Durasov Coat of Arms